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LOA Aldor

Precision in anodising. LOA Aldor specialises in anodising and chromating aluminium products.

LOA Full Surface Group

About LOA Aldor

LOA Aldor can perform a wide range of processes on aluminium products.

LOA Aldor is known for the precision of its anodising, chromating and laser engraving services. We can handle everything from single pieces to large production runs of over 100,000 products. We combine fast delivery times with extremely accurate process control and made-to-order quality, with a constant focus on consistent and reproducible colours.


Chemical laboratory

LOA Aldor has its own in-house chemical laboratory where the composition of the various process baths frequently undergoes chemical and physical analysis. Based on the production load, the used volume of chemicals is calculated and refilled daily. This is done to keep the composition of the baths within a narrow range, up to 50% of the client’s specifications.


Reproducibility is a critical requirement for surface treatments. To realise this, LOA Aldor’s anodisation process is fully computer controlled. Products can be treated fully automatically and the right process parameters can be retrieved from the archive. If necessary, quality certificates (COC) can be issued per project. To research aluminium alloys and develop new layers, Aldor utilises a precision anodisation line with thirteen baths and a permanent process engineer.


LOA Aldor has a Qualanod certification, which is the #1 quality hallmark for anodisation processes. Furthermore, LOA Aldor has obtained an ISO NEN-EN-9001:2015 certification from TÜV Netherlands.

LOA Aldor

Our services

  • Assembly
  • Inventory management
  • Transport
  • De-anodising
  • Electrolytic colouring
  • Clear anodising
  • Colour anodising
  • Hard anodising
  • Prooxyd N-H or H-SH
  • Opalising
  • Titanium anodising
  • Chemical polishing
  • Chromating
  • Laser engraving

LOA Full Surface Group

Working together with LOA Aldor?

LOA Aldor specialises in surface treatments for e.g. the machine building, automotive, shipbuilding, construction, medical and electronic sectors. A full-service partner and specialist in anodising and chromating aluminium products.

LOA Full Surface Group

Would you like to know more about LOA Aldor?

We prefer to discuss your needs and wishes in person, because we believe that is the only way to discover what you truly need and find the solution that works best for you.   Feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

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