LOA Full Surface Group


LOA Coating is your go-to specialist for the surface treatment of metal products of all types, sizes and weights.

LOA Full Surface Group

About LOA

Our strength? Versatile services and optimal quality.

LOA Coating combines its extensive knowledge and years of experience with a wide range of treatments for all types of products of various dimensions and weights.

From large products to small, from single pieces to medium-sized production runs; LOA Coating does it all. We are your go-to partner for guaranteed quality in e.g. powder coating, wet coating and cataphoresis coating.

LOA Coating

Our services

  • Powder coating
  • Cataphoresis coating
  • Wet coating
  • Blasting
  • Assembly

LOA Full Surface Group

Working together
with LOA Automotive?

LOA Coating is your go-to partner for highly specific items or orders. Whether you have unique products that will only be made once or zero series, extremely large or extremely small products; LOA Coating’s specialists can provide whatever solution you need.

LOA Full Surface Group

Would you like to know more about LOA Coating?

We love interacting directly with our clients.  That allows us to respond to your request with tailor-made personal advice and help you find the perfect solution.  Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or want more information about what we do.

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PO Box 4112, 5004 JC Tilburg, the Netherlands

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Siriusstraat 11, 5015 BT Tilburg, the Netherlands
Business park Loven. Company number 4279
T. (+31) (0)13 584 15 39