LOA Automotive works in accordance with the highest environmental standards. There is an own installation to treat the waste water.

Environmental Policy Statement

LOA is specialized in the surface treatment of metal parts by means of cataphoretic paints and powder coating.

LOA is aware that it has a direct impact on the environment and rational use of natural resources can reduce environmental impact. The management of Loa Automotive B.V. therefore takes its responsibility in contributing to a sustainable society in the field of the environment.

Principles are:
• LOA meets or exceeds all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
• The obligation is assumed to achieve a continuous improvement of environmental performance in order to prevent pollution. To this end, we make caring for the environment an integral part of our business plans.
• The environmental program will be updated annually, so it can be indented on new developments regarding the care for the environment.
• LOA will ensure that all used resources are as environmentally friendly and rational as possible. LOA encourages its suppliers to adopt a similar attitude.

The environmental policy applies to all activities and operations of the organization. The management therefore expects an active contribution from every employee regarding the care of the environment and will ensure a good level of knowledge of the employees for the environmentally conscious performance of their duties. Deriving instructions concerning the environment must be strictly followed.

This policy statement reflects the principles of LOA Automotive.B.V. Management and all employees are obliged to following and respecting them.

Date: 01-01-2016

Place: Tilburg

R. W. Dieperink


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