LOA Full Surface Group

Quality & certification

Our quality is non-negotiable.
We go for the highest possible standard.

LOA Full Surface Group

Our quality.
Our standard.

In other words: we have raised the bar for ourselves. That goes for our staff, our products and our services. Our desire to offer the highest possible quality is embedded in our organisation’s DNA. In fact, we set ourselves apart with our quality. Your wishes, demands and expectations are our main concern – always.

Our claims regarding our quality are backed up by our certifications. We keep a close eye on every stage of every process.  We constantly strive to improve, optimise and further refine our processes at every conceivable level. It is all a matter of assessing, safeguarding, monitoring and standardising.

LOA Full Surface Group


Our quality, certification and sustainability are guaranteed by a number of documents we have obtained. We are happy to share this information.

RoHS declaration
Cleanroom grade 2
Cleanroom grade 3
Cleanroom grade 4

LOA Full Surface Group

Our expertise.
Our proof.

LOA Full Surface Group has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification, the #1 international standard for certified quality management.  With this certification, all processes within our organisation are measurable, verifiable and manageable. That, in turn, leads to more transparency, clarity, overview and short lines of communication.

LOA Full Surface Group


LOA Full Surface Group meets the highest possible requirements with regard to the environment and sustainability. For example, we have our own waste purification installation. We constantly strive to significantly reduce our environmental impact and our use of natural resources with the help of innovative techniques.

Building our future together

We take responsibility for the part we play in the realisation of a sustainable society. We do that together with our staff. Together, we make an active contribution to environmental care and protection. We do so by making sure our employees possess the right knowledge and the correct instructions with regard to the environment and sustainability are followed.

Our principles are clear:

> We operate in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

> We strive to continuously improve our environmental performances in order to minimise our environmental impact.

> We update our environmental protection programme every year to keep up with the latest developments.

> We make sure that our use of resources is as environmentally friendly and rational as possible. We expect our suppliers to follow these same principles.