E-coating is a dip coating process in which the coating or paint solids suspended in a bath are given an electrical charge, which is then attracted to the part.

This process is industrially used for applying coatings to metal fabricated products. It has been widely used to coat automobile bodies and parts, tractors and heavy equipment, electrical switch gear, appliances, metal furniture, beverage containers, fasteners, and many other industrial products.

The process applies coatings which have a very uniform coating thickness without porosity. Complex fabricated objects can easily be coated, both inside cavities as well as on the outside surfaces. The end result gives a very good protection against corrosion.

The quality of the pre-treatment is of the utmost importance. LOA Automotive B.V. has all pre-treatments that are specially laid out for the high standards in the Automotive industry. This pre-treatment, in addition to a wide degreasing process, includes a zinc phosphating (Zn, Ni, Mn) treatment. The applied extremely high quality is an absolute necessity in this market segment. LOA Automotive B.V. provides all this in both the electrocoat and powder coating process.

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