Powder coating is the application of a paint layer by means of powder paint particles. First, the paint particles are electrostatically charged, and then, they are fine spray applied to the surface of the product by a “spray gun”. Because of its static charge the powder ‘sticks’ to the surface. After this, the product is heated so that the paint melts, all paint particles conglomerate to each other and a closing layer is formed after further curing in the oven. In this last phase, the paint gets its final quality properties.

LOA Automotive B.V. has both a so-called Tribo and Corona installation. These fully automated systems each have their specific features and benefits. Depending on the type of product the best possible installation can be used in order to guarantee the highest possible end quality.

The quality of the pre-treatment is of the utmost importance. LOA Automotive B.V. has all pre-treatments that are specially laid out for the high standards in the Automotive industry. This pre-treatment, in addition to a wide degreasing process, includes a zinc phosphating (Zn, Ni, Mn) treatment. The applied extremely high quality is an absolute necessity in this market segment. LOA Automotive B.V. provides all this in both the electrocoat and powder coating process.

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