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Laser engraving

LOA Aldor offers high-quality laser engraving of text and logos on all types of metal and plastic. Materials such as (anodised) aluminium, stainless steel, steel, copper, brass and various types of plastic are suitable for engraving. It is also possible to engrave round objects with extreme precision.


LOA Aldor has adopted the environmentally friendly CrIII process (RoHS guideline EC-2007). This standard process is called chromating. Chromating does not affect the dimensions of the treated product.

Chemical polishing

In addition to alkaline staining to e.g. add a matt finish to a product, it is also possible to give products a glossy look. As with alkaline staining, this process affects the dimensions of the product in question.

Titanium anodising

Anodising titanium creates a base layer with improved adhesive properties. It is also possible to colour the titanium to improve its visual appearance.


A process that results in an exceptionally smooth anodic layer with >80% inclusion in the aluminium itself, resulting in a dimensionally stable end result. This layer is extremely scuff- and wear-resistant, opaque and exceptionally smooth.

Prooxyd N-H or H-SH

An innovative anodisation process developed by LOA Aldor in collaboration with Fischer Oberflachen Technik (Germany). The process offers a wear resistance that is equal to or better than that of standard anodisation with less wear and better gliding properties due to the low roughness of the material after anodisation.

Hard anodising

A process during which the aluminium is coated in an extremely hard and durable layer that is multiple times thicker than what you would get with a standard anodisation process. This layer is extremely scuff- and wear-resistant and offers exception corrosion resistance and hardness.

Colour anodising

To colour anodised aluminium, (an)organic colourants are impregnated into the pores of the anodic layer. Coloured anodic layers offer a limitless range of colour options, with the only practical limitation being the availability of the right colour baths.

Clear anodising

The thickness of the natural oxide layer, which is always present on aluminium surfaces, is increased up to 25ยตm using direct current. The clear anodic layer is generally translucent, although this depends in part on the aluminium alloy used and the thickness of the layer.

Electrolytic colouring

LOA Aldor's two-phase electrolytic colouring process offers a high degree of UV and chemical resistance. LOA Aldor has expanded the two-phase colouring process into a three-stage process that creates deep, optically stunning colours.


De-anodising is the process of removing existing anodic layers. This allows the treated surface to be anodised again or undergo mechanical processing (e.g. cutting). LOA Aldor has developed a selective process for the restoration of anodic aluminium objects and their fittings.


LOA Full Surface Group takes the transport of your goods out of your hands. Every product is packaged with great care and transported to an address of your choice to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Order picking

To guarantee a short delivery time, the entire production process has to be optimised. This all begins with proper inventory management. Our order pickers collect untreated profiles for internal processing or for shipping to the client and maintain an up-to-date inventory overview.

Inventory management

LOA Full Surface Group offers in-house inventory management services. We can store your products safely and securely for short or longer periods of time.


LOA Full Surface Group has multiple modern assembly halls where our specialists can assembly a wide variety of products.

Cleanroom packaging

Clean, dust-free surfaces are becoming increasingly important for e.g. high-tech and medical applications. To meet the strict requirements that apply in these sectors, components must be packaged under clean conditions in a cleanroom as quickly and cleanly as possible after receiving a surface treatment.

Electroless/galvanic nickel plating

Galvanic nickel plating is a process whereby the object in question is suspended in a bath and nickel plated with electrolysis, with the object serving as a cathode.

Electrolytic polishing

Electrolytic polishing is a galvanic process for materials that contain stainless steel, whereby a small layer of the material is removed in order to end up with a clean, smooth and passive surface.


Gold alloys are commonly used for industrial applications, as the element has excellent electrical properties and is highly corrosion-resistant. The gilding process is performed in a dust-free environment.

Staining & passivation

Staining is the process of treating stainless steel, among other materials, with acids. The process thoroughly cleans and restores the treated surface. Staining and passivation creates a reproducibly clean and corrosion-proof surface for your stainless-steel components.


The quality of the end result depends in part on the right pre-treatment. LOA Full Surface Group's extensive pre-treatment process creates an optimal treatment surface and provides extra protection against corrosion.

Wet coating

LOA Full Surface Group has state-of-the-art industrial coating cabins in which we can apply an even layer of paint on materials such as metal, aluminium, plastic and wood. Wet coating protects larger individual or assembled steel components (with dimensions up to twelve metres).

Cataphoresis coating

Cataphoresis coating is an environmentally friendly electrostatic coating process for which the component in question is submerged in a bath of water-borne cataphoresis paint. The paint serves as the anode; the product is the cathode. Direct voltage is then used to ionise the paint particles.

Powder coating

LOA Full Surface Group has various state-of-the-art powder coating installations (including Tribo and Corona). These automated installations are ideal for powder coating surfaces such as aluminium, steel and galvanised material in the form of plates, profiles or mounting materials.


LOA Full Surface Group's blasting services are a highly effective and efficient method for cleaning or roughening a metal surface. Our method is compatible with both metallic and inert blasting media.

Electroless/galvanic nickel plating

Electroless nickel plating (also known as chemical nickel plating) is a chemical immersion process whereby a product's surface is covered in a nickel-phosphorous layer with a phosphor content of circa 8%. The phosphor in this layer makes it more corrosion- and wear-resistant than pure nickel.

Test facilities

LOA Full Surface Group has its own in-house laboratories where critical processes are monitored and safeguarded. In doing so, we stay one step ahead of your wishes regarding quality control for our daily processes.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process whereby high-frequency sound waves are used to create vacuum bubbles that implode in and on the steel product. This effectively removes contamination from the material. The cleaning process is performed in a mild alkaline soap solution, followed by several rinsing stages.

Degreasing and cleaning

Certain types of surface treatments require extremely clean surfaces. LOA Full Surface Group has a wide range of options for cleaning surfaces.

Chemical pre-treatment

Chemical pre-treatment is used to prepare metal surfaces for coating.

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